Globeleq plays the long game in Africa

Source Capital will co-invest with Globeleq in the development of a 15 MW on-grid solar power facility in Cuamba, Mozambique.  Construction is intended to start in Q4 of 2020, and will include a battery storage facility, a first for Mozambique.


More than 2.5 million Mozambicans may gain access to solar energy

Source Energia, a division of the Source Capital group, announced in September 2020 that one of its investee companies, Ignite Mozambique, had closed a funding facility of US$2.2 million with the DBSA, for

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City Council partners with Sprint for new bus stops in Maputo

Sprint, an investee company of Source Capital, has re-branded __ of its bus-stops in Maputo, in collaboration with [Aguas da Regiao de Maputo] to reinforce Covid-19 messaging to the public. The bus-stops

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